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Syl-Lee Antiques offers convenient, confidential, and courteous house calls. We have been buying antiques from homes in the Long Island and New York City areas for over 40 years. Many also schedule appointments to have antiques evaluated at our Manhattan store.

We understand that parting with sentimental antiquities is difficult. We know that often, for unexpected reasons, you have to empty the contents of a home. This can get to be overwhelming. You may have antiques, fine art, collectibles and jewelry that have been in the family for generations. We respect the sensitive nature of this process. Thousands of families and individuals have used Syl-Lee Antiques over the years. We will help guide you through the evaluation, sale and removal of your treasures and accumulations.

We have experience in dealing with hoarders. Don’t worry if you or your family’s home is unorganized and filled to the ceiling with different items. You might have a few rare antiques buried inside. Before you decide to throw it all away or clean it up, call us. We have seen it all and we are happy to come by and take a look.

Using Syl-Lee Antiques has many advantages:

  • We will save you the trouble of packing up your antique valuables and bringing them from store to store.
  • We offer free evaluations of your antique and fine art items in your home.
  • We will assist you in determining the value of your antique items in today’s market. You may have hidden treasures in your New York City or Long Island home that will surprise you.
  • If you decide to sell us your items, we will buy them for cash on the spot. If you feel that you want to hold onto your items, it is fine. There is no obligation to sell your antiques.

When calling many other New York City and Long Island companies, you may have a difficult time getting them to visit you. They will only come to your home if you have gold or silver. At Syl-Lee Antiques we do our best to be a one-stop shop. We are extremely versatile. We are one of the only antique dealers in New York City that will buy your antique oil paintings, costume jewelry, estate jewelry, gold, silver, bronzes, Hummels, Doultons, Lalique, Dresden, Chinese antiques, and much more!!! Often times we buy the entire contents of the estate.

Why Us?

One of the biggest benefits we offer that makes our clients feel at ease is that we are a family business. You know exactly who will be coming to your home. Gary Zimmerman, Marion Rizzo or Adam Zimmerman will be the only ones to show up at your door. Click here to see some of our reviews from clients.

In addition to our buying service, we offer many other options:

  • We have close associations with other entities that can assist with the selling of your items. Some items are more suitable for auctions. We deal with multiple auctioneers in Manhattan and Long Island. If we feel that items in your home would do better in an antique auction setting, we can connect you with the proper auction specialist.
  • Another possibility is an estate or tag sale. We have contacts that can assist you with this process. After valuating your antiques and collectibles we will give your information to the necessary parties. Our estate sale expert has over 40 years of experience giving appraisals in the Long island area.
  • If you have sold many of your antique valuables, but still need to empty the contents of your home, we can help. We work with companies that offer “broom sweep” clean outs. They empty whatever furniture or other antique items you have that don’t have significant value.
  • We also have specialists that we deal with who are experts in specific types of antiques and fine art. These may include Asian antiquities, contemporary art, rare first addition books, art glass, Native American art, military items and much more. If needed we will contact these experts on your behalf.

What’s Next?

Please allow us to assist you with any and all of your antique, fine art, collectible and jewelry needs. We look forward to meeting you!