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Antique Silver Buyer

Antique silver items are beautiful contributions to a home, but they can only be a valuable investment when purchased by a collector or antique dealer. However, the market is flooded with hundreds of New York antique buyers, and you need to a reputable, trustworthy business to give you the best value for your NYC antique silver. Before you randomly select a NYC antique silver buyer, you need to understand how the following primary concerns affect the value of your antique silver pieces.

Condition of Antique Silver Pieces

Buccellati Silver MonkeyIn the New York antique silver market, the condition of the piece greatly influences the value. While it would be nice to only have antiques in original condition, the very nature of antique silver involves many pieces that may be slightly tarnished or otherwise damaged. It is not necessary to polish your silver items before selling. We buy the silver as-is.

Proof of Authenticity and Appraisal

If you would like to sell your antique silver pieces, the entire process runs much smoothly when you have proof of value and authenticity. However, Syl-lee Antiques understands that not all antique owners have access to these documents.

Types of Antique Silver Evaluated

There are hundreds of different types of antique silver pieces that collectors or antique dealers want to purchase including:

  • Judaica Silver Cane HandleAntique Centerpieces. These pieces are often very ornate, and tend to include more precious metals than other single-item, silver antiques.
  • Antique Flatware Sets. The demand for antique, silver flatware sets has risen in recent years with the projected rise in silver costs at the end of 2014. Popular sterling silver sets include Wallace Grand Baroque, Reed & Barton Francis The First and International Royal Danish.
  • Judaica Silver. Antique silver Judaica is often passed down from generation to generation. Some items include candlesticks, kiddish cups, menorahs, yads (torah pointer) and spice boxes. Other judaica silver items might be plates, cane handles or plaques that have a Jewish theme.
  • Sterling Silver Tea Sets. Silver tea sets were the result of a thorough process involving melting silver sheets onto copper sheets before the advent of electroplating in England in the middle of the 19th century. When cared for properly, sterling silver tea sets are a thing of beauty that can be used by the future generations. However, antique sterling silver tea sets that have not been routinely used will usually have the greatest financial gain from selling.
  • Tiffany Silver. Few brands carry the weight and creed of value and craftsmanship like Tiffany. Antique Tiffany silver pieces are in high-demand for collectors and New York antique silver buyers.
  • Buccellati Silver. Since 1919, Buccellati has produced many different, pristine types of silver items, which range from ornate table placeholders to flatware to jewelry.
  • Mexican silver. Artisans such as Margot de Taxco, William Spratling and Antonio Pineda created some the most beautifully enameled Mexican silver jewelry. Rare pieces are hard to find.
  • Native American/Navajo Silver. Silver necklaces and bangle bracelets with turquoise and coral stones are very popular today. We are always interested in purchasing Native American sterling silver concho belts and Squash Blossom necklaces.

Silver Plate is not Sterling

Often times people contact us with items that look like sterling silver, but is not. These items may be silver plated. This means that they have an extremely thin layer of silver plating that can not be melted for the silver value. Many of these items say things like silver co., community, silver soldered, silver on copper, plate, EP, EPNS and more. If you can not find any mark at all, the piece might be silver. However, in most cases the silver will be marked sterling, .900, .800, 850 or .875.

About Syl-lee Antiques

Syl-lee Antiques is a family-owned and operated business, buying and selling antiques and jewelry in the New York City and Long Island markets for over 40 years. We understand that your times, like your antiques, is precious.

We schedule home visits for a free evaluation and purchase your antique silver items for cash on the spot. We also take care of all the packing and transport of your antique silver.

Our family looks forward to doing business with you.

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