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If you are looking for a fur coat buyer you are in the right place. We buy many types of used or vintage furs including mink, fox, and lamb. The styles of furs we buy include coats, jackets, and shawls. We buy furs all over Long Island and Manhattan.

Sometimes people try to sell to the furriers they originally bought from. They usually get offered store credit for the items. However, often when people decide to get rid of a fur coat it’s not because they want another one.

Reasons people decide to sell furs:

Fur coat dealer long islandIt may be difficult to sell items you have inherited. Sometimes you develop an attachment to these things. However, if you don’t plan on ever wearing fur coats, you should let them go.

It seems like a good portion of New York residents have decided to move to Florida. As you know, the weather in Florida isn’t quite suitable for furs. Give us a ring.

Styles change all the time. Of course, back in the day, you wore your furs every winter. However, tastes eventually change. If you realize it has been years since you last wore your fur coat and it’s starting to get very dusty, contact us.

Why call Syl-Lee Antiques?

Fur Coat Buyer NYCWe make life easier by coming to you. You don’t have to bring your heavy furs all over town. We offer free in-home visits to all Long Island and Manhattan areas.

You don’t have to give your furs to someone on consignment for an unknown amount of time. You can sell to Syl-Lee Antiques right away. We are a fur coat buyer that offers to buy your furs on the spot.

At Syl-Lee Antiques we are antique dealers that are extremely versatile. We buy many other types of antiques. We purchase fine art, fine and costume jewelry, collectibles, sculptures, and much more.

We provide options for you. We work with estate sale companies, auctions, and appraisers. If needed, we can assist you with just about anything.

Things to know:

Condition is important when it comes to furs. They are not easy to repair. If you have a fur coat that isn’t in great shape, it might not be salable.

You cannot sell furs for what they are appraised for. First of all, appraisals are done for replacement purposes. Also, as furs get older they can get dried out. This diminishes the value significantly.

Pictures are a big help. If possible, send some photos to our email It will make the process of selling your furs a lot easier.

Would you like to learn some tips to help you get the most out of selling your antiques?

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