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Out of all antiques, few pieces have the ability to stun generations like antique glass. While other antiques may stretch back 200 to 300 years, antique glass pieces may go back 600 or 700 years, depending upon the type of antique glass and its designer.

Before you decide to sell your New York glass antiques to an antique glass buyer, you need to know the common types of antique art glass as well as the most sought-after designers of antique glass. Major glass company designers include Rene Lalique (France), Louis Comfort Tiffany (United States) and Paolo Venini (Italy).

Types of Antique Glass

  • Art Glass –  Art glass is routinely used to describe pieces that held either a solely esthetically pleasing purpose, or they may have also added an esthetically pleasing appearance to useful objects, such as lamps, bowls, vases, or perfume bottles. Tiffany is probably the best-known art glass designer.
  • Carnival Glass – This form of antique art glass was made from inexpensive materials and used to provide a beautiful glass piece to the homes of the lower-income populations. Most of these pieces use a multicolor shimmer that appears to change colors when someone views the pieces from different angles. Other common names for Carnival glass include Tafetta, Cinderella, and Poor Man’s Tiffany.
  • Children’s Toy Glass – This type of glass was usually used to make children’s toy dishes or tea sets.
  • EAPG & Pressed Glass – EAPG and Pressed Glass used a process similar to jewelry casting to create different types of antique glass.
  • Elegant Glass – Elegant glass became widely available during the Great Depression due to its inexpensive nature. In a time period when millions of people suffered, elegant pieces gave a glimmer of hope and goodwill to the home.
  • Flint Glass – This type of glass was made with powdered flint or lead. It was produced at the beginning of the 19th century in the United Kingdom and the United States. The flint enabled the glass to have a higher level of clarity compared to other types of glass during the era.
  • Historical Glass – Historical glass pieces were designed to bring the elegance of the outside world indoors, often through the application of different items, such as glass cookware, glass butter dishes, or simply items in the semblance of well-known icons.

Designers of Antique Art Glass

Lalique Glass

Rene Lalique began designing antique art glass when he started working as a freelance artisan in 1881. Similar to his predecessors, many Lalique antique glass designs were made by pressing glass into molds, which enabled him to create many different flora and fauna patterns. However, the crafting technique was different in that he used the same lost wax molds as seen in jewelry creation.

Most of these designs were used to create vases, decanters, and perfume bottles. In 1902, Lalique began creating art glass perfume pieces for Francois Coty. Following World War I, Lalique began to produce many different, one-of-a-kind glass pieces, and his work is highly sought today.

At Syl-Lee Antiques we often buy the rare antique R Lalique glass vases, figures and jewelry. However, we are also interested in purchasing the newer Lalique pieces. These include the large vases, animals, nude figures and bowls. Some of the common larger Lalique pieces we look to buy include the large swans, Bacchantes Vase, Deux Poissons (Koi Fish) sculpture and Champs Elysees bowl.

Other Types of Art Glass

New York antique glass by Louis Tiffany often centers on electricity, and it involves many different types of lamps as well as other pieces. Louis Tiffany’s skills were more closely paired to that of a designer rather than an actual art glass artisan. His earlier art glass pieces could have been signed L.C.T., Favrile or the full name “Louis Comfort Tiffany”.

In addition to Lalique and Tiffany art glass, the NYC antique glass buyer, Syl-Lee Antiques, purchases New York antique glass pieces by Quezal, Loetz, Galle, Daum and Baccarat.

Murano (Venetian) Glass

Murano glass is also known as Venetian glass. Murano glass comes in sculpture, statues, chandeliers, vases and much more. The beautifully crafted Italian glass comes in many colors. However, Murano glass is most known for the bright vibrant colors like purple, pink, blue and of course gold. We are New York City buyers of Murano glass. Currently we are looking to purchase the larger signed vases, sculptures and chandeliers. Two well known Italian glass designers are Alfredo Barbini and Paolo Venini. We are happy to come and see all Murano glass collections.

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