Why Work with Syl-Lee Antiques?

This short video explains who we are, why our belief that giving you choices about what to do with your heirlooms is important, and how we make selling antiques quick and stress-free.

What Type of Art Has Resale Value?

In this video, Adam identifies the kind of art that sells well in the antiques market and explains what a “listed artist” is.

Can Syl-Lee Sell Art That Isn’t Old?

In this video, Adam explains why art that is from the 20th Century may have resale value on the antiques market, and when having an assessment of this art may be worth your while.

What Happens When You Call Syl-Lee?

What is the antiques assessment process…and when do you get paid? In this clip, Adam walks you through Syl-Lee’s process from the moment you reach out to the conclusion of the sale and he also talks about other ways we can help you liquidate your estate.

Online Research of Your Antiques’ Value

In this video, Adam discusses the ins and outs of online research of your antiques’ value – and how to distinguish retail prices from the amount your antiques might make on the resale market.

Explaining the Auction Process:

Adam explains how auction’s works and offers pro tips.
After watching the video, you can read more on this page too!

What to do if your item doesn’t sell at auction:

After watching the video, you can read more on this page too!