Reviews and Testimonials for Syl-Lee Antiques

Highly recommend !!! Wonderful people to do business with. Adam was extremely professional caring, and gave me good prices for my Tiffany silver and gold pieces. Thank you, Adam.

Ellen Bland

Adam is absolute first rate and we couldn’t endorse him any higher. Firstly he’s very professional. Easy to reach, explains his services, the process and what to expect. We used him to help us close out my mom’s estate. She had art, jewelry, furniture and other valuable assets. Adam came over and did a complete evaluation and couldn’t have been any more patient in explaining the evaluation of every item. Firstly he’s amazingly knowledgeable and knows so much about art, jewelry and furniture. Very impressive. We would show him a painting that we thought was obscure and he would immediately know the artist and auction price range. And when he didn’t know, he was truthful and said he had to do so some research. But even better, he was honest enough to recommend other specialists who would get us a better deal – even cutting him out of making a commission. If a piece of art had value he would explain which galleries were best for an auction and recent comps so we knew what to expect. He made phone calls and went out of his way to insure we maximized our sales. Adam’s specialty seems to be jewelry. Very knowledgeable, experienced and knows the industry and what things are really worth. Really strong in gold and diamonds. During such a stressful time as selling your moms estate, he was just wonderful. We couldn’t endorse Adam any higher. The real deal!!

Jeffrey Zahn

Adam was fantastic. He was prompt, professional, and exceedingly considerate. He wanted to make sure that our children didn’t want some of the pieces. Nothing that he said differed from other antiques dealers’ views and his prices were excellent. I would highly recommend him.

He was very patient with us very friendly very honest. I will continue to do business with him. I will recommend him to everyone. Excellent service

When my dad passed I was left with a task of selling many of the collectibles that my parents had acquired over a lifetime. I was overwhelmed and did not like the response I got from the first dealer I contacted – who wanted to buy on the spot without valuation. When I called Adam, he offered to come and give me estimates on everything and gave me the time to do due diligence in a fair and honest manner. He was patient and kind and I found his process to be honest and transparent which was comforting at a difficult time. He is very knowledgeable and what he didn’t know, he had resources for. I would highly recommend his company to anyone looking to sell collectibles from an estate or otherwise.

Adam is a stand up guy. He went out of his way to help me, even though there was nothing in it for him. I actually got choked up when he called me back just to make me feel better about an issue I was having and he found answers for me. Wow. I will forever bring all of my business to him. Honest, kind and professional. Can’t ask for more.

I’m usually wary of companies that advertise in local publications, but I took a chance and called Syl-Lee as I had a large quantity of vintage jewelry that I needed to sell. Adam returned my call very quickly and we made an appointment to come to my home and assess what I had. He arrived on time and took his time looking at the 34 shoeboxes of earrings, bracelets and necklaces, telling me as he worked what had value and could easily be sold and what had less value. He made me feel comfortable and at the end of his ‘work’ made me an offer for the whole lot. He was respectful, not pushy or aggressive and I told him I would think about it. I waited 2 weeks and made my decision and he came over and took everything. Adam was a pleasure to work with, knowledgeable and professional.

Extremely fair, dependable, respectable, efficient people! Very down to earth yet professional. I’m not only comfortable recommending SYL-LEE…I’m looking forward to recommending them.

I had an excellent experience with Adam from Syl-Lee Antiques. I had inherited art glass and other antiques – including antique jewelery – and Adam was clear about which pieces he was interested in and for which there is a strong market before he came to my home. He came to my home and was a delight to work with. I’ll be working with Adam again as soon as I put together other antiques and jewelry I want to sell. He’s very easy to work with, there’s no pressure to sell, and I feel very good about the amount of money he is willing to pay for my items.  I honestly don’t know the value of most of the items but Adam knew the ballpark and I appreciate his expertise.

5 star service from the associates at Syl-lee…they are very prompt and courteous and I received full value for the items I was looking to appraise. Will definitely recommend to all!

I am relocating so I was looking to sell some jewelry and other items. I searched up the internet and found Syl-Lee.  I was a bit hesitant as one never knows what the reality is in cyberspace. I am happy to say that there was no need to worry.

Syl-Lee made an appointment with me within a day of my calling. Marion came to my apartment and looked over what I had to sell.  She was fair and fun to deal with. As an extra, she advised me about the nature  of some of the items that she did not purchase (real pearls, type of stone, etc.) It was an enjoyable experience and we both went away feeling that we did well. I would highly recommend her.

Great prices, incredible service. I recommend Syl-Lee Antiques to all my friends. They are really terrific, always there to help you with your stuff. A terrific family owned business. I have sold many items through them and have been extremely satisfied. This group knows their business and can truly help. The plus is they are really nice.

Adam is super helpful, kind, and knowledgable. Highly recommended!

I always find exquisite pieces shopping at Syl-Lee Antiques. Marion is a pleasure to do business with. Down to earth people with out of this world items.

Adam was extremely helpful to my in -laws. While he didn’t necessarily find antiques he could work with, he still took the time to research some items and let them know what those items were worth and how to get the most value for them. If you are looking for someone knowledgeable, approachable and willing to take the time to help you find the most value for your items, Adam at Syl- Lee is a cool, down to earth, and well-versed antique guy.

A unique, entertaining, fun experience. Interesting, one-of-a-kind jewelry and bric a brac. Fun to hunt for them, like exploring your grandmother’s jewelry box. Easy bargaining to get a great deal. Thanks Marion!

It was a pleasure and genuine positive experience working with Syl-Lee Antiques. They are professional, personable, reliable, and trustworthy. I absolutely recommend this family owned business. They are very fair and have a vast knowledge of jewelry and antiques.

If you have antiques, art, collectibles, gold, jewelry or other items that you want to sell, I highly recommend that you contact Syl-Lee Antiques. I have worked with them on a number of occasions, while I was clearing out my mom’s house, and I cannot say enough positive things about the experience! They respond quickly and do free in-home consultations and appraisals. They are professional, knowledgeable, honest, fair, respectful of your things, and they will offer you the best possible price for any items you choose to sell. This is family owned and run business at it’s very best and they are a pleasure to work with. I give them my highest recommendation.