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Thinking About the Valuables You Own?

I am quite certain that I will get no disagreement that this is a very strange and scary time indeed. Life as we formerly knew it just mere weeks ago has radically changed and a timeline for a return to “normal” is pretty much unknown.

One thing is for certain – we will get through this and hopefully, emerge even stronger when we get to the other side.

It’s interesting. I’ve been receiving many calls and texts from people that are taking this time at home to take a better look at “what they have” with the thought that some of the items might be of value.

Perhaps you have some spare time to do this as well.

My suggestions:

  • Assess your silver flatware and dinnerware to see if you have anything stored away and with no plan to use it in the future. If you can take pictures and send them to us, we will evaluate and provide feedback on its value.
  • Do you have watches that you no longer wear and would like to sell, in particular Patek Philippe, Rolex, or Vacheron Constantin? Please connect with us.
  • We are always interested in evaluating art, vintage jewelry, pottery and antiques. Once again, that piece that you no longer want or need might have value.
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