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The Real Estate Rush Hasn’t Let Up

This past year, and the Covid-induced mad rush to buy and sell real estate, has made for a whirlwind of activity for Syl-Lee. We’ve worked with many individuals and families that decided to relocate in the metro NY area, as well as those that have set off for more distant parts of the country.

The reasons for their moves were varied and personal. Our clients downsized because the active real estate market meant they could get more money for their homes. Some of our clients moved into bigger spaces because they realized that “working from home” wasn’t going away any time soon, and with the potential of children having days or weeks when they would be engaged in remote learning, it became evident that a larger home would be less a luxury than a necessity.

And some of our clients decided that they wanted to get out of New York and found homes that satisfied their wants and needs. Florida, the Carolinas, and states out West became destinations of choice.

All of this movement meant that assessing one’s possessions became top of mind. Deciding what to take, what to sell, or give away became a part of the planning and moving process, and we were honored to play a role in helping our clients make some important decisions.

Are you planning a move? Here are some of the questions you should be asking yourself:

  • Do you have collectibles, antiques, or jewelry that you want to keep solely for sentimental reasons? If so, set them aside and feel comfortable with your decision!
  • Do you have items that have little or no sentimental value, and you want to have their value assessed?  We can do that for you if you photograph the items and send us the pictures.
  • Are there items that have minimal sentimental value, but that you wish to give to another family member? Put these aside as well, and if you wish, we can assess their value, too.

Getting ready for a move not only requires physical strength but a certain amount of mental fortitude. Memories come to the surface, difficult decisions may be required, and there can be some difficult conversations that must take place.

We’ve been through it all and are confident that we can help you to traverse the landscape of selling your antiques, collectibles, and jewelry. Let us use our experience to help you avoid any potential missteps along the way.

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