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The COVID-19 Pandemic and the Antiques Market

Right now, yes, right now, we are starting to see some relief and positive changes as we continue to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic that pretty much changed everything in our personal and professional lives.

It’s not over, not by a long shot, but with the “opening up” of businesses, restaurants and retail too, and with the summer sun warming our days, there is almost a collective sigh of relief as we gingerly make our way back to normalcy. Yes, it’s the “new normal,” but a bit easier and more relaxing than before.

Like all businesses, the antiques business was seriously impacted by the pandemic and we’re encouraged by the positive changes that we are seeing. Syl-Lee continued working throughout and used pictures, Zoom and FaceTime to engage with our buyers and sellers.

Many of our potential sellers used the “pause” to take inventory of what they own with an eye to selling it now or in the future.

Our buyers connected with us to see if we had, or were able to obtain, specific kinds of jewelry or other items they wanted. While things certainly slowed down, business was still being done.

We anticipate an uptick now and want you to know that Syl-Lee is here for you, virtually, or when allowed, in-person.

This may be the optimum time to assess your jewelry and make a decision about what you may wish to keep and what could be sold.

And how about the porcelain or flatware you received when you got married? Is it languishing in a closet, never used and underappreciated? There may be buyers for exactly your set.

Many people are now consolidating their residences and their furnishings. If you have antiques or other collectibles, please connect with us to discuss their potential value.

It is not so much a matter of decluttering as it is of taking stock of what you have and what you want and creating a lifestyle that works best for you.

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