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Selling a Diamond: Not as “Clear-cut” as it Might Seem

There’s a romantic notion that diamonds can last forever, but in truth, they don’t. It will take a few billion years, but that diamond ring on your finger will, in fact, degrade into graphite.

That’s correct, a few billion years, and so you can easily forget about it disappearing before your eyes.

Still, that diamond, once so cherished, might now be something you now wish to sell.

Diamonds are always valuable in the resale market, but you should keep some things in mind if this is an action you wish to pursue.

To start, be certain that no one in your family wants the stones and will be angry, sad, or both to learn that the jewelry was sold. Think about relatives that you might not be in close contact with, but who may have some sentimentality about the stones.

Once it is sold, it’s gone, so this is an important action step.

Many individuals are anxious to know what they might be able to get for their stone(s), and this is where it gets tricky.

For instance, people will tell you to get the stone appraised, but know that an appraisal is done to set retail prices, not for resale purposes, and while it might be an interesting number for you to have, it can be irrelevant for your situation. If you do decide to get an appraisal, be sure that the appraiser is certified by the Gemological Institute of America.

You should also beware of the well-meaning friend or family member that has proclaimed that you are bound to get “a bundle” for your stone/s. These folks can lead you astray and create unrealistic expectations. Remember that regardless of how beautiful the stone looks on the surface and to the naked eye, a “casual observer” will not see what lurks beneath the surface, and if there are any imperfections or damage beneath the setting, that will impact the resale value.

We’d be happy to speak with you if you do want to sell your stone/s. Our extensive experience will help you through the process.

Additionally, you may also hear a lot about the 4C’s.

These are the carat, cut, clarity, and color of a diamond and each will affect the value of the stone. We would be happy to review the 4C’s with you when we chat.

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