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What’s the Best Way to Find Out If My Antiques Are Valuable?

Does this sound familiar?

Some years ago you bought some antiques, perhaps not as an investment but because you liked the idea of collecting and even more importantly, you liked the pieces themselves and enjoyed displaying them in your home.

Or perhaps, you didn’t buy the antiques but instead, you inherited them from someone else.

Can you relate?

Truthfully, it doesn’t much matter how you came to own the antiques if you find that you want to dispose of them. Your issue right now is how you can best determine if the pieces are valuable.

Once the word is out that you are interested in getting rid of your antiques, It seems like everyone you know has an idea on how to best go about doing that, or has a relative or friend “in the business.” People may suggest you turn to eBay or online valuation sites to do your research but all of that takes time and requires a combination of patience, experience, and knowledge.

I’d like to suggest that instead of trying to do this on your own you might wish to consider another option, that of obtaining a professional opinion where you are apt to save time as well as have the security and peace of mind in knowing you will get a knowledgeable evaluation of your antiques. I am, of course, suggesting that you connect with a dealer that can assist you in:

  • Determining if your antiques are valuable
  • Offering you a price for your items
  • Removing them from your home or office

Most importantly, do your research. It’s critical and trust me, the research will take less time than dealing with eBay or traveling around to various antique stores. Check out the dealer’s online references and reviews. Ask them about their experience and work in the field. Specifically, you want to know:

  • Will they buy items that need minor restoration work?
  • How do they sell the items they buy?
  • Will they do an in-person visit to advise on the value of the items?

From that point on you should have enough information to make your decision.

Of course, we hope you’ll contact Syl-Lee Antiques to evaluate your items. Our clients tell us that we are responsive, respectful and focused on helping them at all stages of their buy-sell experience.

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