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It’s Summer and Time for Your Tag Sale or Yard Sale

As the summer approaches, many people start thinking about the beach, barbeques, and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

But, before you fill your leisure time with sun and surf, let’s not forget about yard sales and tag sales.

Yes, it’s yard sale and tag sale season too.

It makes perfect sense. Holding a yard sale or tag sale when the weather is cold and inclement suppresses the volume of people that will show up at the sale. Additionally, if you do spring cleaning it is possible that you can come across items that you wish to liquidate. A summer yard sale or tag sale may be the perfect time and place to do just that.

Our advice – proceed slowly. While your instinct might be to immediately contact a yard sale or tag sale company, I urge you to consider that yard sale or tag sale companies might not have the expertise to arrive at the appropriate resale value of certain items, such as Asian heirlooms, especially Chinese vases, and other artwork, or fine art.

It’s important to have an antiques specialist look at what you wish to liquidate BEFORE the yard sale or tag sale company comes into inventory and put prices on your items.

Syl-lee Antiques can provide you with the expert and unbiased information you need to make a smart decision about how to price specific items and, in some cases, can make recommendations that can potentially get you more money for items that are “hot.” This is, as they say, our “bread and butter.”

If you’re not thinking about holding your own yard sale or tag sale, visiting yard sales or tag sales can provide a fun diversion during the summer and you might be able to pick up an item that is interesting and possibly valuable as well.

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