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If There’s One Thing For Certain, It’s That the Antiques Market Always Keeps Changing…

We’d be lying if we didn’t make it clear that what was once considered to be a “hot” item might no longer be of any interest. The antique and collectibles markets continually fluctuate and last year’s must have objects might now be gathering dust.

However, one of the more exciting turns of events is that we are seeing millennials become more interested in antiques. But they’re not craving brown furniture or an old breakfront that would never make it up the stairs of their 5th-floor walkup.

What interests millennials is the idea of sustainability. They’re not buying antiques because of the caché — they purchase electronics and go on adventure vacations for that. No, it’s because they are passionate about the environment and purchasing antiques enables them to repurpose items that might otherwise not find a home and find their way to the landfill.

And although millennials might appreciate a spare and uncluttered aesthetic, when they view the benefits of owning a particular antique, they might decide to buy the piece and create an eclectic look.

With this market it mind, potential sellers might wish to evaluate their own items that can meet the requirements of this new segment. Remember too that this pandemic might turn some die-hard millennial city dwellers into suburban or even rural homeowners. No one knows for sure.

If you are taking this time to evaluate your items and have questions as to what they are worth, or even about their salability, please send us photographs and we will schedule time for a call.

You might just find that this generation, with the oldest millennials heading now into middle age, might be the right market for what you wish to sell.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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