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Help, My Kids Don’t Want My “Stuff”!

It’s a sensitive subject, isn’t it? You have “stuff” that you purchased with love and good intentions, or perhaps your “stuff” was handed down from beloved family members. In either case, there is significant sentimental value.

We feel your pain.

Many of our clients become practically despondent when they find out that items they hold near and dear to their hearts are unwanted by their adult children or other family members. They feel they should be thrilled at the opportunity to own whatever they are looking to part with.

We see this quite often and the reasons are simple:

Most people have strong opinions about the furniture, tableware, and flatware that they have in their home. They often have similarly strong feelings about jewelry and regardless that the items are being given with love, they do not want them.

Styles change and the furniture that was once in vogue may no longer be coveted by the millennials that are starting to create their home environment. It’s best to not take it personally. If everyone had the same taste in furniture, jewelry and the like, it would be a boring world, indeed.

While the idea of giving your loved ones the things you find precious is paramount, if they don’t want them, you should make certain that you determine if they do have value over and apart from the sentimental type, of course. Right now, some of the most popular items are:

This is just a partial list and our best advice is to send us pictures and details of what you would like to sell. We’ll evaluate the items and their condition and get back to you with our findings.

Once again, don’t feel sad or get angry that your adult kids or family don’t want the things you hold so dear. They’re building their memories now and it is important to respect their decisions.

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