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Finding Valuables in the Most Unusual Places

After more than 40 years in business, we can still be surprised at how and where we find antiques and other items of value.

The very far recesses in a closet? Sure, lots of times.

Under a bed? Why not?

The nursery, where you may find a bassinet as well as a Degas? Could happen!

And the bathroom, yep, the bathroom where I found a ceramic pitcher nestled on a shelf with some of the mundane items usually found in the bathroom, such as paper towels, toilet tissue, and cleaning supplies.

(Yes, I was going for the paper towels to dry my hands!)

Besides being rather attractive the ceramic pitcher had another interesting attribute that surprised the owner of the item and me.

I picked up the pitcher to look at the mark on the bottom and it showed that the pitcher was a Picasso* that the client received as a gift from his uncle, years ago after a trip to Spain. After our auction recommendation, the client received over $2,000 dollars.

*Over his lifetime Picasso produced more than 3,500 ceramic designs, and I found one there in the bathroom!

The owner received the pitcher as a gift, and not considering it noteworthy kept it stored in the bathroom.  She didn’t want to throw it away, but she didn’t want to display it prominently either and so she placed it on the bathroom shelf.

The rest is history!

So, before you say I have nothing of value ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s in your closet?
  • Do you have gifts or hand-me-downs that you’ve stored away for years and haven’t looked at recently?
  • Have you put things on top shelves because they weren’t to your taste? Have you looked at their mark?

We forget what we don’t frequently see, and we may never question the value of something that is not in sight.

Do an evaluation. Look, and if you are questioning anything, please give us a call.

We’d be happy to help!

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