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Beware of “Seller’s Remorse”

At one time or another, most of us have experienced remorse. Maybe it was because we didn’t spend enough time on a project, and the result was second-rate. Or perhaps we rushed when cooking dinner, and the meal was inedible, or we might have made a too hasty decision to sell our home and move, only to find that we didn’t like anything about our new location.

When you’ve made big or small decisions, remorse can creep in and undermine your satisfaction with your action. For instance, in our business, some sellers will regret that they sold an antique almost immediately after the sale has been completed.

It’s not necessarily because the seller was displaying or using the item; in fact, that is rarely the situation, but what is more often the case is that feelings of sentimentality rise to the surface once the seller no longer owns the item.

Unfortunately, at that point, it might be too late because once an item is sold, it might not be able to be recovered.

Here’s my advice if you’re considering selling an item:

  • You should consider selling items that you do not plan to use or put on display within a 6-month window. Contact an experienced and reputable antiques specialist to have the item(s) appraised and to help you evaluate the situation.
  • Should you decide to sell, you must be willing and able to put your sentimentality aside and consider the situation in more practical terms. If you don’t think that you’ll be successful at keeping your emotions at bay, you should hold off until such time as you will be able to be less sensitive about the sale.
  • Keep in mind that when you sell an item to someone that will care for it and display or use it, your item is getting a “second life” where it will be appreciated and enjoyed. That may help to stave off feelings of remorse.

Bottom-line, you must be ready to sell the items before you contact a specialist. Don’t let anyone talk you into it, lest you feel bad about your decision after the fact.

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