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Beware of “Buyer’s Remorse”

If advertisers had their way, they would have all of us believing that if we just purchased a new “FILL IN THE BLANK”, our troubles and stress would quickly disappear, and our lives would be fuller, too.

Oh, if it could only be that simple, but alas, that’s not the case.

Still, purchasing something on a whim or with great deliberation can make us feel happy and content, at least for a short time.

But that happiness may soon dissipate, and in its place, you may experience “buyer’s remorse.”

People buy antiques in much the same way. Impulse buys are not uncommon when on the spur of a moment, you see something that catches your fancy and quickly decide that you must own it.

It may be a piece of art, jewelry, or ceramics, and the urge to buy it didn’t stem from the “need” to have it. It was a “want” and wants are often unexplainable.

But wants are often short-lived, and you may soon find that you have no use for the item, and no longer want it. It may get relegated to a closet or storage unit, neither used nor displayed.

Rather than feeling negative and experiencing a sense of remorse, you can reframe the situation and view it as an opportunity.

If 6 months or more have elapsed and you’ve not used or displayed the item, it might be time to contact an antiques specialist like Syl-lee, to assess the item, and if appropriate, discuss the potential to sell it. Your impulsive purchase might be something that someone else is looking to purchase.

The best strategy is to avoid buyer’s remorse BEFORE it happens. Try to not buy impulsively, but if you do, gifting the item to another person or selling it might just make you feel a bit better.

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