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Timing is Everything, Even in Selling Antiques

We all know the cliché “timing is everything” and it’s true even when you’re thinking about selling your antiques. Just because you’ve cleared out a closet, basement, drawer, or an entire room and have accumulated what you hope is a treasure trove of items to sell, doesn’t mean that you would want to do so all at once.

The truth is you can sell your items at pretty much any time, but the best time, well, that remains to be seen.

And without wanting to turn you away for any reason at all (!), please consider these things when you decide you have some items that you wish to sell.

Seasonality is important

You may be keen to sell specific items that tend to have greater appeal at certain times of the year. For instance, items that are often considered excellent gifts for the winter holiday season will probably get greater interest in the mid to late fall rather than the spring. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t explore your options; it does mean that you may want to exercise patience and wait until it’s the optimal time to sell.

Stay current on what’s popular

I’m not suggesting that you become a dealer (!), however, I am suggesting that you think about what is happening in popular culture and consider whether or not you have anything that might be of value in light of the current “scene.” Once again, it never hurts to ask a professional….hmm, Syl-lee, of course.

Don’t get discouraged

Remember that what is “hot” right now may not have been desirable last year. We’ll be able to advise you about the desirability of your items, but more importantly, we’ll also be able to counsel you on what you should hold onto until a later time when you might be able to get a better return.

As a buyer or seller, don’t get discouraged or beat yourself up because buying and selling antiques requires expertise and precision mixed in with an ability to read the market.

Our goal is to help you find your way.

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