Testimonial #17

Adam is absolute first rate and we couldn’t endorse him any higher. Firstly he’s very professional. Easy to reach, explains his services, the process and what to expect. We used him to help us close out my mom’s estate. She had art, jewelry, furniture and other valuable assets. Adam came over and did a complete evaluation and couldn’t have been any more patient in explaining the evaluation of every item. Firstly he’s amazingly knowledgeable and knows so much about art, jewelry and furniture. Very impressive. We would show him a painting that we thought was obscure and he would immediately know the artist and auction price range. And when he didn’t know, he was truthful and said he had to do so some research. But even better, he was honest enough to recommend other specialists who would get us a better deal – even cutting him out of making a commission. If a piece of art had value he would explain which galleries were best for an auction and recent comps so we knew what to expect. He made phone calls and went out of his way to insure we maximized our sales. Adam’s specialty seems to be jewelry. Very knowledgeable, experienced and knows the industry and what things are really worth. Really strong in gold and diamonds. During such a stressful time as selling your moms estate, he was just wonderful. We couldn’t endorse Adam any higher. The real deal!!