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Spring Cleaning

This year the first day of Spring occurred on Saturday, March 20th and if you can recall, the weather was blustery and chilly as it often is on the first day of Spring in the Northeast.

Thoughts of balmy weather aside, most people are excited about the longer days, and hang on tightly to the promise of the warmer weather that will (should?!) arrive in the next few weeks. At Syl-Lee we also know that at the start of Spring,  people begin to think seriously about organizing, donating or selling items they no longer need or want.

Historically, the Spring has been one of our busiest times with many folks feeling the urge to de-clutter their physical space, and after being home for almost an entire year, the urge to clean up is even greater.

I urge you to not move too fast and make rash decisions as can often be the case when we are determined to get rid of stuff, for buried within those piles might very well be items that have value.

It’s best to be certain. Send us an email with pictures of your items and we will take a look and get back to you. Please remember that things that were “hot” in the last few years may very well be losing their appeal right now, and conversely, items that were not in demand years ago may be enjoying an increase in attention.

And please, don’t second guess yourself or rely on the advice of a friend or family member. Everyone’s situation is different and at Syl-Lee we actively stay on top of what is happening in the market right now.

One last point that I always like to reiterate. Don’t equate your enjoyment and pleasure with an item to the sum of money that you may or may not be able to get. Enjoy your furniture, art or jewelry and don’t worry about the value until such time as you no longer want it or are doing some spring cleaning!

The same holds true for buying items that you “think” may become valuable in the future. I’ve seen that work out well, however, I have also seen people not wind up in the cash-positive situation they desired when they originally purchased the item.

And as for the rest of your spring cleaning, here is a comprehensive spring-cleaning checklist. Enjoy!

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