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Spring Cleaning (and Relocating) Can Reveal a Treasure Trove of Items to be Sold

It’s that time of year again when people’s thoughts turn to Spring cleaning, and while it might not be enjoyable when it is going on, the end results certainly bring pleasure.

People approach the Spring-cleaning ritual in a variety of ways. Some will:

  1. Schedule the time, usually over a week or two, and address one room at a time, being very diligent and thorough.
  2. Take a quick look to assess the situation and immediately hire a cleaning service to do the work.
  3. Believe that everything can be done in one day, start out strong and within a few hours lose their enthusiasm for the job and stop well before the work is finished.
  4. Keep putting it off until Spring cleaning turns into Fall and the holidays are upon us.
  5. Do a mediocre job and promise themselves that they’ll do better next year.

Which category do you put yourself into?

Besides the very real satisfaction that comes from having a clean and tidy home, there’s another real and potentially valuable benefit to doing Spring cleaning and that’s uncovering some “hidden treasures” that are either right there in front of your eyes or put away in some forgotten corner of the attic or basement.

Spring cleaning provides an opportunity to do an assessment of what you have with the thought that there might be items that you no longer want or need. Furniture, jewelry, artwork, ceramics, flatware, and china are all things that should come under scrutiny when doing Spring cleaning and then there’s often a rush to “get rid” of these no longer wanted items.

We clearly understand the impetus to dispose of things that are no longer wanted or needed, however, it is wise to be patient and a wee bit prudent.

The rush to dispose might mean that you donate or giveaway something that has very “real” value and might bring you money.

It’s because of this that we suggest people slow down just a bit, take photographs and send them to us along with a brief description of the items.

It’s remarkable what people have been ready to give away before learning we would be able to be sell the items  for a substantial amount of money.

Of course, it doesn’t happen all of the time, but wouldn’t you agree that it makes good sense to find out if there is value BEFORE you donate your items to Goodwill.

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