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Selling Your Art

People sell their art for many different reasons. They no longer like the piece(s), they don’t fit into their new home or their aesthetic has changed. Other people inherited the piece(s), never much liked them, and have finally made the decision to sell them, or believe their artwork is valuable, and are looking to get some extra money.

Whatever the reason, here are some pointers if you want to sell your paintings:

Don’t change anything! Keep your artwork in the original frame and preserve the frame as carefully as you do the artwork itself. If there is a crack in the wood or glass, don’t try and fix it because you may cause further damage to the frame or harm the painting or poster. Leave that type of work to the professionals.

The condition of your painting must be carefully protected because that will always impact the resale value. Keep the art away from damaging UV rays (sunlight!), a damp environment that can cause mold and mildew, such as a basement or attic, smoky spots in the home (your fireplace, for instance), and of course, as far from children and pets as they can inadvertently cause irreparable damage to the canvas or print. (Children aren’t known for their appreciation of fine art!)

Gather your receipts, verifications of authenticity, import documentation, and any other documents you might have that can confirm where and when the art was purchased, where it came from, and who has owned it. Confirming the provenance of the piece will help to determine its value and taking the time to gather the requisite information will be beneficial when you attempt to sell the artwork.

Have your artwork appraised every five years because the art market can change dramatically, and you can easily find yourself in a different position than you had anticipated. Gathering information and planning can help smooth the resale process.

At Syl-lee we can assist you in selling your painting/s and provide the information you need to make your final decision.

Please reach out if we can be of assistance.

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