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Is Moving on Your Mind?

Are you thinking about moving? People start to contemplate the thought of moving when the end of Winter is in their sightlines, and even though the flowers aren’t blooming yet in the Northeast, we hope that Spring will be here soon.

Pandemic aside, selling your home in the Spring makes sense. The flowers and landscaping have started to look good, households with children don’t have to uproot them in the middle of the year, and moving in the winter comes with its own set of weather-related complications.

2020 was an anomaly in the volume of moves that occurred with people taking off for new locations that they might not have considered before Covid changed their plans.

Regardless of where you might be headed, getting ready to sell your home means that you must start to think about what you might wish to take with you, and what you wish to dispose of or sell.

Whether your move is imminent or in the future, here are three things to consider as you prepare to relocate:

Evaluate your belongings BEFORE you move them

Whether you’re moving cross-town or across the country, moving is usually time-consuming and often stressful. Sorting through your items and making decisions about what to take, what to discard, and what to (try to) sell, can be highly emotional and may even prompt arguments with other members of the household. Remember that taking something with you that you will probably discard once you arrive in your new home, is a waste of time and money and it is best to take action BEFORE the move rather than have to deal with the item twice.

Getting money for your unwanted items is not a foregone conclusion

There is no guarantee that what you want to sell will be able to bring you any money, and that’s not because it isn’t attractive or wasn’t considered valuable when you initially purchased it. Tastes change and what was once in demand may no longer be considered “hot.” The best thing you can do is contact a reputable antique dealer (like Syl-Lee) and ask for an appraisal. In our case, we’ll ask for pictures and/or come to your home to assess what you have.  If we don’t think we can buy the items from you, we’ll provide you with the information you need to sell the items on your own or donate them, whichever is your preference.

Stay focused on the end result

Much like an airplane ride to a vacation destination is never the best part of the trip, the move itself may be challenging, however, getting settled into a new home is exciting and enjoyable. There are many helpful resources that you can turn to when you are planning your move. Organizers and move managers can make the process much simpler and should be part of the plan when appropriate. Once everything is unpacked and the furniture in place, it will start to feel more like “home.”

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