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Treasure hunters could look the world over and find few items more beautiful than India, Nepal and Tibetan antiques. Whether you are enamored by the inimitable bronze sculptures, the copper alloy figures or the Thangkas and gorgeous paintings, genuine Asian antiques are sure to take your breath away.

Do You Have Undiscovered Antique Treasures from India, Nepal or Tibet in Your Home?

If you have an undiscovered Indian, Nepalese or Tibetan antiques in your home, you certainly know of their beauty. What you may not know, however, is that they are also exceedingly valuable by antique collectors across the globe. When talking about Asian antiques, sometimes it is difficult to distinguish where the piece came from. Many pieces have originated in India, Nepal and Tibet. However, because these countries have similar types of art, it can be difficult to say for sure where the true origin was. Often times even in the major auction house anantique may be described as “Tibeto-Chinese”,”Tibet area” or “Himalayan”. Himalayan art usually includes India, China, Nepal and Mongolia.

Tibetan furniture pieces are exquisite Southeast Asian antiques thanks to their vibrant and colorful designs and the animals adorning the furniture.

Tibet is also famous for their valued scroll paintings, called Thangkas. In many instances, the incredible Tibetan furniture and their lovely paintings merge into one, resulting in incredibly lush and lively painted doors, trunks, cabinets and figurines.

From Nepal you can marvel over the bronze Buddhas that have been a collector’s item for centuries, while India has both copper figures and copper alloy figures of their many splendorous goddesses, including the always popular Shiva. You may even have ancient Shaligram stones or antique Nepalese and Indian jewelry or diamonds.

The Most Valuable Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan Antiques

Valuable Indian, Nepalese and Tibetan antiques can be found in all Asian countries, particularly because one of the most valuable antiques is an ancient Buddha head. Buddhist followers are all over Asian so you may find these rare items outside of the countries of which they originated. The handcrafted Thangka paintings of monks in Nepal and Tibet are also exceptionally valuable since original Thangkas are delicate paper and cloth painted marvels. As a result, a genuine Thangka fetches a high price even when the condition isn’t perfect.

Beyond these noteworthy pieces, there are a wide range of valued bronze and copper figures, and this is particularly true of rarer sculptures. For India sculptures, specifically, their many gods and goddesses typically have different valuations, depending on the popularity of the deity, the quality of the workmanship and of course age. If you would like to see some amazing examples of Himalayan art in person, you should visit the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City. They have a great selection of art from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, China and Mongolia.

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