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Huanghuali furniture is extremely rare and valuable. These Asian antique pieces are highly sought after in today’s market. Huanghuali means, “yellow flowering pear.” Huanghuali is a type of rosewood that has been most common in areas around China. The wood is known to have a pleasant and sweet smell. Over the years the material has become harder and harder to find. The tree is currently endangered. It is nearly impossible to cut wood from any Huanghuali trees left growing today. As a result of these challenges, the wealthy Chinese collectors are willing to pay record prices for Huanghuali.

Rare antique Huanghuali furniture pieces are difficult to find. When they have appeared in recent years, the furniture is seldom in perfect condition. After many years, pieces tend to get damaged or cut down. The damages may be from moving and storing the furniture while other times it may be from the wear and tear of everyday use. Something to keep in mind is that it is a piece of furniture. It is made to use and not just for display. Huanghuali furniture items that hit the market are not always completely made with Huanghuali wood. Many pieces may have been mixed with other types of wood to make the items more presentable and attractive to customers.

Examples of the woods used along with Huanghuali may include Zitan, Hongmu, Huamu, and more. When these Huanghuali furniture pieces turn up in auctions or galleries they are presented in a few different ways. They are sometimes described as “Huanghuali and mixed wood”, “Huanghuali veneered”, “Huanghuali and hardwood”, Huanghuali style, and so on. These styles still have significant value, but not as much as if the pieces were original.

Hundreds of years ago during the Ming dynasty, the most valuable Huanghuali examples were made. The beautiful wood was used to make all types of items including cabinets, beds, tables, brush pots, chairs, chests, screens, and stands. The wood was even used in the construction of houses. Our Manhattan buyers would love to get their hands on some original Ming Dynasty Huanghuali.

If you happen to own a piece of furniture that you believe could be Huanghuali, please let us know. Syl-Lee Antiques has Huanghuali experts that are capable of identifying these items. We will assist you with the evaluation and sale of each of your pieces. When contacting us, specific details are essential. Pictures are a great way to start, but furniture needs to be examined in person. Physical examination is necessary to be sure of the age, material, and condition. Provenance can explain a lot and it is very helpful if you give us some background information on the item. When did you or your family buy the item? Was it purchased at a gallery or auction? Was it bought in Asia or here in the United States? Has the item ever been repaired? Every bit of information will give us clues to help with the evaluation and sale.

Due to the rarity of this furniture, we are very eager to buy Huanghuali antique pieces. We buy antiques in New York City but will travel if needed. Please review our Syl-Lee Antiques “contact us” page and don’t hesitate to call or email us anytime.

Chinese-speaking expert is available if needed.


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