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Antique bronzes have a rich history spanning the entire globe. From the streets of 19th century Paris to the temples of China, bronze sculptors have refined their techniques throughout the years to produce beautiful, wondrous bronze figures, statues, and other bronze items.

Today, many collectors seek antique bronzes to add history and charm to their homes or to add to their antique collections. We appraise and buy antique bronzes from all over New York City and sell them to people who understand their true value.

The History of Bronze

'Walking_Woman',_bronze_sculpture_by_Gaston_Lachaise,_1922,_Honolulu_Museum_of_ArtSince the art of sculpting first came into existence, artists from around the world have crafted bronze sculptures to reflect the culture of the times. Archeologists have unearthed bronze statues from Egyptian ruins, the tombs of infamous Chinese emperors, and iconic Roman cities. For many centuries, the art of bronzing faded into near obscurity until its revival during the Renaissance. The period brought about great achievements in bronze sculpting, with artists including Donatello, Giovanni Bologna, and Adriaan de Vries.

In the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution changed the way bronze statues could be made. Paris stood as the fountainhead of this great movement, and artists from around the world traveled by land and sea to have their works cast in bronze. As a result, thousands of incredible bronze works emerged, and everyone from Parisian officials to street vendors sought to acquire a bronze work of their own.

Vienna Bronzes

Vienna is the part of Austria that is well known for creating extremely fine bronzes. Many of which are cold-painted in beautiful colors. Two of the most famous artists from Vienna were Franz Bergman and Bruno Zach. These artists created some beautiful bronzes in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Popular Vienna bronze subjects include miniatures, erotica, animals, and Oriental themes. At Syl-Lee Antiques we are always looking to buy these fine bronzes.

Types of Antique Bronzes

There are many categories of bronze art, ranging from bronze figures and statues to antique bronze ornaments.

  • doorknocker-431329_1280Sculptures– Fine art bronze sculptures usually contain an alloy of 9:1 copper and tin. Industrial processes may fortify the sculptures with zinc to improve its durability. Many sculptures are treated with patina, which mimics the natural oxidation of bronze and gives it the iconic color.
  • Figures– Some of the most popular bronze works are miniature figures. They come in the likeness of people, animals, buildings, and objects. Antique bronze figures usually lack a base, which is present in many modern reproductions.
  • Mirrors– Bronze mirrors are highly sought after by NYC antique buyers. These can date all the way back to the classical and Hellenistic periods of ancient Greece and Etruria, or the Han and Tang dynasties of China. The mirrors often depict scenes in mythology or contain inscriptions and images to reflect the culture of the times.
  • Doorknobs– During the Industrial Revolution, bronze doorknobs and other household items gained astronomic popularity.
  • Vessels– Popular in ancient China, bronze vessels came in the form of various animals or objects. Vessels were both a symbol of power and used to offer wine and food.

Antique Bronze Items We Buy Include:

  • Bronze Lamps
  • Bronze Chandeliers
  • Cast Bronze
  • Bronze Statues
  • Western Bronze
  • Bronze Art
  • Vienna Austria Bronzes

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