Antique Appraisal Online — Internet Evaluation

coffee-apple-iphone-laptopHaving an antique appraisal online is becoming very popular. Having your antique items evaluated on the internet is a great alternative to hiring a high priced appraiser. When an appraiser comes to your home to do a lengthy descriptive antique or art appraisal it can become very costly. You can spend hundreds and often times thousands of dollars on an in-home expert appraisal. This process can also take weeks to complete. Sometimes, when dealing with a multi-million dollar estate this expensive process is necessary. However, if the antique or fine art item you have isn’t worth a great deal, then you could be spending a fortune when you don’t have to.

Technology has made the appraisal process much easier, quicker and of course less expensive. Some companies offer antique appraisals for as low as $15 each. These appraisals can be done in 48 hours or less. As long as you can take a few photos and fill out a quick form you can do an online appraisal. An online company that is well known for internet antique appraisals is valuemystuff. They have specialists in every antique and fine art field. These specialists have a great deal of experience evaluating antiques, fine art, collectibles and jewelry. Many specialists have worked in major auction houses all around the world. This on-line appraisal can be printed and downloaded so you can keep it for your records.

If you decide that you would rather have an expert appraiser do an in-person written evaluation of your items, let us know. We can recommend someone in your area. If you live in the New York City or Long Island area and simply want someone to give you a general idea of what your items are worth, contact us for a complimentary in-home evaluation. If you are looking for a New York City antique buyer visit our home page. We will give you a detailed description of all the services we provide.

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