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Antique and Collectibles — What’s Happening Now?

A New Year is here and many of us are evaluating the objects in our homes, the things we have collected over the years or were handed down by our parents and grandparents and asking ourselves what do I wish to keep and what do I wish to sell.

The key to doing this effectively is understanding exactly what has resale value on the antiques market.

What Has Resale Value?

If your family has old furniture, jewelry, art, or other heirlooms, the first question you should ask is whether the items can be sold on the antiques market in the first place. If it can, then an antiques dealer acts as a broker between you and that resale marketplace.

The items that can be successfully sold as antiques can be surprising.  In general, the item should be over 100 years old (in particular, from the 19th Century or earlier). The following items, if they are that old, are often successful candidates for resale as an antique:

  • Chinese porcelain, vases, and precious or coral stone statuettes.  All 19th Century or earlier dynasties have resale potential, and 100+-year-old copies in good condition at least potentially have value.
  • Sterling silver flatware
  • Coins (especially gold & silver)
  • Gold and silver jewelry
  • Costume jewelry
  • Silver Judaica icons, flatware, religious items, and other curios
  • Russian silver items, and other curios, particularly if made by a listed artist such as Faberge
  • Watches, especially if made by famous names like Rolex

In addition, the following items from the 20th Century can have value on the antiques market:

  • Mid-Century Modern furniture manufactured in the 1940s or 50s
  • Fine art paintings or limited-edition prints by listed artists

It is also important to know what items typically do not have significant antique market value. These items include:

  • Heavy wood furniture, chests, and other, similar items irrespective of age.
  • Asian porcelain or other curios that are not from China
  • Overly intricate statuettes, curios, or art pieces (they are difficult to maintain, decreasing their value)
  • Furs, unless they have been preserved in very specific storage conditions
  • Chinaware and crystal
  • Silver-plated items

Disposal of these items may best be handled via a professional organizer or another estate moving company. If you feel that you have items that have resale value, definitely give us a call or send us an email with pictures if possible.

Even if you’re not certain, please reach out and let’s start a dialogue. We’ll be able to assess the value of your items and you will know exactly how best to move forward.

You can be certain that we will be entirely transparent and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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