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Important Questions You Should Ask Your Antiques Dealer

If you are thinking about buying or selling antiques getting a personal recommendation for a dealer is a great way to begin, however, for those that aren’t able to get such a recommendation, here are some important questions that you should always ask the dealer with whom you are considering working. (more…) Read more

I Want To Sell My Watch Collection

Maybe you’ve been collecting watches for years or have one special watch that you no longer want. Or perhaps you have inherited a single watch or a collection from a family member that has passed. In any case, you’ve decided that you are not interested in keeping the watch(es) and are seeking to sell them. (more…) Read more

What’s the Best Way to Find Out If My Antiques Are Valuable?

Does this sound familiar? Some years ago you bought some antiques, perhaps not as an investment but because you liked the idea of collecting and even more importantly, you liked the pieces themselves and enjoyed displaying them in your home. Or perhaps, you didn’t buy the antiques but instead, you inherited them from someone else. Can you relate? (more…) Read more
Downsizing With Silver

Downsizing Isn’t Fun – Contact Syl-Lee Antiques To Help

Downsizing Isn’t Fun Downsizing is never easy. When heirlooms have been in your family for generations it can be very difficult to let them go. The majority of our clients are in a situation where they are forced to deal with the difficult task of downsizing. Some complicated choices will need to be made. We at Syl-Lee Antiques do our best to help in the decision-making process. The bottom line is if you don’t have space for these items when you move, you “can’t take them with you.” (more…) Read more
modern art

What’s Hot in the Art, Antique and Jewelry Market?

On a daily basis, we get numerous calls and emails from people who are downsizing or moving. We’re also frequently contacted by people who have received an inheritance. All of these people have one thing in common: They want to liquidate and move on — even if that means saying goodbye to some of their most prized possessions. (more…) Read more