Testimonial #16

Adam was fantastic. He was prompt, professional, and exceedingly considerate. He wanted to make sure that our children didn't want some of the pieces. Nothing that he said differed from other antiques dealers' views and his prices were excellent. I would highly recommend him.

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Testimonial #13

Adam is a stand up guy. He went out of his way to help me, even though there was nothing in it for him. I actually got choked up when he called me back just to make me feel better about an issue I was having and he found answers…

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Testimonial #12

I’m usually wary of companies that advertise in local publications, but I took a chance and called Syl-Lee as I had a large quantity of vintage jewelry that I needed to sell. Adam returned my call very quickly and we made an appointment to come to my home and assess…

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Testimonial #11

Extremely fair, dependable, respectable, efficient people! Very down to earth yet professional. I'm not only comfortable recommending SYL-LEE...I'm looking forward to recommending them.

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Testimonial #9

5 star service from the associates at Syl-lee…they are very prompt and courteous and I received full value for the items I was looking to appraise. Will definitely recommend to all!

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Testimonial #8

I am relocating so I was looking to sell some jewelry and other items. I searched up the internet and found Syl-Lee.  I was a bit hesitant as one never knows what the reality is in cyberspace. I am happy to say that there was no need to worry. Syl-Lee…

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Testimonial #7

Great prices, incredible service. I recommend Syl-Lee Antiques to all my friends. They are really terrific, always there to help you with your stuff. A terrific family owned business. I have sold many items through them and have been extremely satisfied. This group knows their business and can truly help.…

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